Welcome to the first food blog!!!! I know, I know another blog???? Well don’t you fret I will be doing videos soon because reading someone else’s long writing is not always appealing. Anyways let’s dive in! So for this entry I did a veggie night at my sister’s house for her and her kids. The surprise was that they loved it! It was sooooo good, that there was only one plate of leftovers to fight over the next day. I decided to cook from two books that I had done before and knew would pack a delicious punch.


The first dish was from Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Food Swings. This particular recipe came from the virtue section of her cookbook which indicates it has a healthier side than the section of the book entitled vice which boasts comforting foods (including the best chocolate cake I have ever had...definitely going to do that one for you all). The recipe was “Roasted Carrots and Chickpeas with Feta Vinaigrette” and it was a hit even with my 11 year old niece! I followed the recipe as outlined in her cookbook. Most of the ingredients I got from Trader Joe’s because they are my favorite grocery store. I used heirloom carrots for a splash of color, but any carrot would work. In the recipe, like many others, she states to put all the veggies on the pan and then toss around with olive oil and spices. I like to just throw all the vegetables in a metal bowl and drizzle with the olive oil and seasonings and toss around with my hands in the bowl. I find this easier than putting them on the pan and trying to toss them around without getting it everywhere. Then throw them all on the pan from the bowl and bake. While the vegetables baked, I began the vinaigrette. For the vinaigrette, I used shallots instead of scallions, because TJ was out of Scallions at the time. It was soooo good, and I would make that vinaigrette for any salad, it was that good! I would do double batch of the vinaigrette because it truly was the showstopper for this dish. If you want to try it, you can find it in her cookbook Food Swings on page 90, or on her website she has a similar recipe for the carrots and chickpeas, but the vinaigrette I couldn’t find. So below is the modified version that I did.


3 tbs. Lemon juice

Couple dashes of salt

Couple dashes of pepper

2 tbs. Olive oil

2 shallots chopped into small pieces

Handful of chopped parsley

½ cup crumbled feta