Jessica (Seinfeld)

I fell in love with Jessica’s cooking after following her on Instagram. I remember her first cookbook came out and just about every mom I knew was talking about because it combined food with hidden veggies so your kids would take in some nutrients with those brownies. I have to admit though I didn’t begin following her for her food, I began following her for her adorable cat, Javi. If you have not started following her for her cat alone, you need to. (bonus: she posted a meditation of Javi drinking from the sink, and it is the best 15 seconds you will spend in the middle of a hectic day). But if you aren’t into cats, she will do short videos without talking showing her make a quick and easy dish. Every single one of them I watched, I thought “I have to cook that, it looks soooo good”. So I decided to get her cookbook Food Swings, which has two parts. First section is called virtue and the second is vice, implicating that the beginning recipes are super healthy and the second portion are the recipes you want to indulge in. I have cooked from both sections and both are equally delicious!!


Grab her cookbook Food Swings! And definitely follow her on Instagram for her cooking but mostly for her posts of Javi. Also her website Jessica Seinfeld.



Ina (Garten)

I began following Ina after I found out she worked in Washington prior to becoming the amazingly famous chef, author, food star that she is. As someone who previously worked towards wanting to be in policy, it sparked my interest that she had began working in politics and then flourished into this creative fun loving chef. I remember wanting to work in policy but also wanting to have some creative flair to my life, she intrigued me that you can always change course and do something new! (this quality is something I cherish and have been dubbed Barbie by my nieces and nephew because I have had so many careers like Barbie- never too late to change course). Before heading to work at the hospital I would sit and watch Ina on her cooking show and everything she made seemed amazing but not always easy. The first recipe I tried of hers was her chicken pot pie on Food Network, which was quickly dubbed the best chicken pot pie by the family members I made it for. (side note: I got a rotisserie chicken from Costco instead of the long process described in her recipe- also so many articles about the chicken online if you just google it...super interesting about how they sold 87 million of them in 2017!). I can promise you I will continue to cook her meals because they truly are worth the effort!


Follow her on Instagram or her website Barefoot Contessa.


Giada (De Laurentis)

When I was at community college for 5 years after highschool, (yes you heard that right 5 years at a 2 year college...overachiever) I went for a semester abroad to Florence, Italy. I already knew I loved italian food thanks to Olive Garden and their endless salad and breadsticks, but I had no idea that I actually liked ITALIAN food. After coming back no pizza, pasta or anything claiming to be ITALIAN tasted right. I remember trying to explain to my family and friends what ITALIAN food was and the amazing tastes it possessed. I searched and found the authentic italian cook in Giada. Every single thing I have cooked from her cookbooks has been tasty and on a scale of easy to hard, she always ends up on the middle to easy range (bonus points!). I also love that despite how we Americans like to pronounce italian words, she makes sure we know that we are wrong. I wowed at Mother’s Day 2018 with her chicken involtini and her creamy sweet corn with pancetta. You will not be disappointed with her recipes, and your family will feel loved when you cook her dishes for them. More to come on the site with her recipes and I will even try to use the appropriate italian pronunciation just for Giada.


Follow her on her website Giada De Laurentis and on her Instagram.


Joanna (Gaines)

If you don’t love JoJo and Chip, well you should probably stop reading my blog. I fell in love with them on Fixer Upper and their adorable farmhouse style. When Joanna made the garden with the chicken run, I wanted to do that so bad for my own home. (I don’t have production crew or a partner to have his friends come over and help him accomplish it for me, so my garden is still just dirt piles and leaves). Anyways I like many women out there, bought her cookbook, Magnolia Table. After reading through it, it is definitely some home cooked meals that you would expect from a farm table. It is comfort food with some family recipes, and who doesn’t love some good comfort food after a long day on the farm..err work day in the hospital. I made her mom’s bulgogi (it is fun saying that word over and over while you make it), and it was really good without the heaviness of farm cooking. The cucumber salad that accompanies it was spicy and on point! You will hopefully enjoy as I cook through some of her recipes.


Get her cookbook Magnolia Table cookbook and follow her on Instagram.


Martha (Stewart)

I have worshipped Martha since I was in my teens. I used to follow everything she did from home, food to calligraphy. I can honestly say I never once did something that she portrayed on her shows, magazine or online because let’s face is too complicated! So many steps with many of them involving going to some dutch farm house to milk a cow that has years of lineage from Biblical days which produces the only cream for her famous cake. I absolutely loved when her daughter came out to call her on this ridiculously complicated processes (Whatever Martha) that the everyday woman could not afford or had time to accomplish...consider Martha the original goop. (so much shade thrown on that show). Anyways I had Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, because if you read my about page you will know I have always loved to bake and the somewhat OCD tendencies you must have to successfully pull off the best baked cookies and cakes. For my best friend Pierre’s birthday one year I made Martha’s Lemon Curd cake. He loves everything lemon in desserts. This cake turned out to be everything Martha produces which took me multiple hours and bags of lemons to accomplish. The result however was the most delicious lemon cake I have ever had which means a lot since I don’t typically enjoy fruit flavored desserts. So I have gone on to try more of her delicious baked goods from this handbook and truly bow down to the OG of cooking farm to table.


You can get her Baking Handbook and follow her on her website Martha Stewart.


Chrissy (Tiegen)

Some of you may think, Chrissy Tiegen isn’t a cook why do you have her on here?! If you follow her on Instagram you wouldn’t be asking me this question. (Can you tell what form of social media I am most into right now?) I started following her because my sister Julia sent me posts from her on IG, which were always hilarious and her authenticity shown through every time. I began following her and realized that she is just like me! (except she is a supermodel and I am a yet to be discovered supermodel) So I picked up her cookbook Cravings while strolling past her line at Target. After reading some of her blurbs in the cookbook, I knew I would love her ope to win the lottery and because she is a homebody and i can totally relate! I always hope I win the lottery so I can become the ultimate homebody. Anyways back to Chrissy, I had no idea about her mom’s cooking and I am so excited to try all of the delicious Thai recipes in this cookbook.


You can get her Cravings cookbook along with her cooking line at Target, and follow her on Instagram for her hilarious content.